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Complete Estate Planning Services

Full estate planning in Texas includes both financial and medical decisions. Attorney Catherine Palmore of The Palmore Law Firm, PLLC is an experienced estate planning attorney who takes a detailed approach to her legal practice.

Planning Medical Wishes

If you wish for a trusted loved one to make your health care decisions if you are unable to do so, you will want to establish a durable power of attorney to designate that desire legally. You can also create a legally binding living will that provides advance directions to physicians and other medical care providers so they know what you want to happen for your end-of-life care.

Wills Can Make Probate Easier

Having a properly witnessed will as part of your legal estate planning documents will put the settlement of your affairs off to a good start. A will tells the probate court your wishes for the disposition of your estate. Having a will also allows you to name an independent administrator, which enables your estate to bypass supervision by the probate court. Thinking ahead about this method to make your probate process more efficient will help you pass on a greater amount of assets and property to your heirs.

Trusts Are Valuable Resources

In addition to a will, a trust is an invaluable and powerful tool in estate planning. Depending on what trust types you and your legal counsel think would best address your circumstances, these legal arrangements could potentially:

  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Avoid probate
  • Avoid creditor access of assets

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