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Family Law

Co-parenting success tips

Co-parenting, where separated or divorced parents share responsibility for raising their children, can be challenging. Therefore, you should understand the strategies that can lead to positive outcomes for you, your co-parent and your children. Effective communication...

Grandparents’ rights in Texas

As a loving and involved grandparent, you know how important it is for you to have bonding time with your grandchildren. When your grandchildren’s family situation changes, you may lose those precious moments with your youngest relatives that can negatively affect...

How is child custody decided in Texas?

When you are a parent and decide to divorce, your biggest concern is your children. You’re worried not only on your divorce will impact them, but if you’ll have to share custody with your ex. Can you get sole custody? And if not, how does the court decide how much...

What is an insupportable marriage?

When you married your spouse, you probably thought you were in for a lifetime of love, affection, support and friendship. Unfortunately, though, marriages do not always last. If you are considering divorcing your spouse, you are likely to encounter a strange term:...