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Questions to ask when drafting a will

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Estate Planning

The existence of a will assures the execution of your wishes after you pass. Without one, your estate will go into probate, which can be expensive and take a long time.

When drafting a will with a competent individual, elementary questions will arise. Regardless, contemplate these queries independently ahead of meeting with a professional.

What are your objectives?

Just like families, every will is different. The one you write must be specific to your goals. Make a list of every issue yours needs to cover. Do you have minors in your household? If so, it is incumbent on you to specify who will have custody of them. What about social media? You can give instructions on how to handle your digital presence after you are gone. Funeral wishes are another concern that bears discussion.

What is your family situation?

Are your parents still alive? Perhaps they will need nursing care or medical attention in the future. If you have the means, you might earmark a particular fund for achieving this. The same goes for offspring with disabilities. You can determine what percentage of funds will go toward their situational care.

What assets are yours?

Every possession of value needs consideration, not just financial holdings. Do you have a home? Your document should specify to whom it will belong. The same goes for vacation properties. Don’t forget to account for vehicles, including recreational ones.

Preparing a will requires reviewing everything it might need to cover. Make sure these topics are part of your estate planning experience.